Saturday, July 23, 2011

DEFAULT: An instant legal automatic secession by all 50 states

American people have failed to use their "God given rights," as well as their brains. Think about the following possibility that is coming with our national financial problem.

FACT: If the federal level of government moves into DEFAULT, then all 50 states are immediately empowered and come back into control of the nation. The federal level is already bankrupt, and has been for decades. That is why it is running on a national "credit card." Drop the pretense of "good government" coming out of Washington, DC. It never was, and never will be.

FACT: The financial consequences of a federal default will be an instant secession by all 50 states, and the clock resets.

FACT: States will have the choice of recreating a federal level with specific duties...and very limited power - OR NOT CREATING A FEDERAL LEVEL.

FACT: If the governors are smart, then they will seize the opportunity take control of the country.

If the governors are loyal to their state constituents, they will choose to create a constitution that fixes the problems that led to the present federal intrusion, like:

1. The 14, 16, and 17th Amendment..etc

2. The US Senate can ratify treaties without a 2/3 majority (Yes, they only need a "majority of those present" at the meeting to pass treaties under the old constitution). Stop that practice.

3. The US Supreme Court judges need limited terms, and better control by the states, etc.

FACT: If the governors choose to rescue us, they have a real opportunity.

FACT: If the people are smart, they will demand default...and real state representation.

QUESTION: Will the American people be smart?

OPINION: I doubt it. The television is not telling them what to do. Instead, the television is focusing ... AGAIN....on another famine in Africa...which the TV anchors always do as a way to distract the do-gooder Christian population while they manipulate the world. This is a pattern that repeats. (They chose to ignore the famine in Sudan, because they did not need to use it for their own purposes.)

LEARN...choose to change....get busy and force the default...and don't rush to reinstate a federal level, unless it has a training collar that yanks the leash on all three branches. Never again let that federal "animal" sneak past our ability to control it.

QUESTION: Will Americans will continue to waft in the "winds of Time", and be forced to empty their pockets for the enrichment of the international banking cartel, which came in through the federal District of Columbia in 1789?

I predict this email will scare up a decision between the House and the President. Watch how frightened they will be when this idea hits the streets.

People, you have power, but it only works when you use it.

R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Science Reporter